About Destination Bees

We (Stephanie and Elizabeth) founded Destination Bees because we are two moms who love to travel with our families. We’ve each had our fair share of vacations where we spent hours in the car with our children who were anxious to be there. Upon arriving at the vacation rental we were exhausted, but realized we still had to either drag our families to the store, or run out by ourselves to shop for groceries. Destination Bees seeks to take the running around after arrival off a busy and exhausted traveler’s “To-Do” list.

Our goal is for your vacation to start the minute you walk into your vacation rental, by having you be able to open the fridge and grab a cold beverage or look in the pantry for a snack. Spend your valuable vacation time with your family making memories, not making unnecessary trips.

Grocery shop from the comfort of your home and get the most out of your vacation time!