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What is a Vacation Rental Grocery Delivery Service?

Let’s be honest, nobody really wants to kick off their vacation by heading to the grocery store after an already stressful and long travel day. Wouldn’t it be nice to start your vacation immediately as you walk in the door? Well, with Destination Bees, you can! Destination Bees allows you to “bee” smart and plan ahead by preordering grocery and consumable items that we can then deliver and set up in your vacation rental prior to your arrival. We consistently work to build partnerships with a network of local vacation rental owners and management companies to allow us access to your vacation rental before you get there. These partnerships allow us to facilitate delivery and setup of your preordered grocery and consumable items. At Destination Bees, our primary goal is to alleviate some of your travel day stress by shopping for you and stocking your groceries, because we want to help you get the most enjoyment out of your vacation from the moment you arrive.

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Why Use Our Service?

The stress of planning for your vacation and traveling to your destination can be a lot for anyone. Imagine that you’ve just traveled several hours in the car or on the plane with your family to your vacation destination, and upon arrival you are exhausted. Before you can relax, you have to find the nearest grocery store and run out to grab dinner or groceries to feed the family. If only you had used the services of Destination Bees, you could have avoided adding running to the grocery store to your “To Do” list.  Leave the grocery shopping to Destination Bees who will stock your fridge and pantry with your favorite items before you arrive.  Ordering with Destination Bees means that you aren’t running out, or having to wait for your order to arrive when you are exhausted. Destination Bees grocery delivery enables you to spend your vacation the way you intended — comfortable, relaxed, with your family. The Destination Bees team wants you to be able to make the most of your vacation by relaxing, and making memories with your family. “Bee” prepared, order ahead, and let Destination Bees get your rental stocked so that you can relax and start your vacation the right way!


Grocery shop from the comfort of your home


Skip the holiday store crowds during your holiday vacation


Everything in place before you arrive


Get the most out of your vacation time


Your vacation starts as soon as you walk in the door

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